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omgggg she-hulk is SO DAMN GOOD people dropping it because of the interior art are morons also ms. marvel. so good. SO MANY GOOD CHOICES BB also i love the shit out of america chavez. best part of young avengers A++

YEAH SHE-HULK IS BADASS like so much fun and the art is very linear I guess but the writing is soooo worth it!! u gotta stop by the store soon so you can pick up more books and we can chat!! <3

Gabriel OUT


Wednesday Haul and currently reading :)

Reblogging bc Real Heroes was actually pretty cool and you should pick it up! Full review later!

The king is dead! Long live the king!

… Damn it, Dean.


Stephen King being Stephen King


Nishimura Hodo



w  a  r    i  s    w  a  r ; 

but killing a man at a wedding? horrid.
what sort of m o n s t e r, would do such a thing?


Art by Peter Mohrbacher

Wednesday Haul and currently reading :)


Rat Queens #6 Preview! We’re back in action May 7th with our brand new arc “The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’Rygoth. Prepare your feels, we’re diving deep into what makes these women who they are. 

Still lots of jokes.

100% more feels.


Tywin rushing to his grandson to cover him when Joffrey dies (◡‿◡✿)