i don’t understand why i can’t have a new ep of outlander every day?????

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My precious babies all growned up and chasing horcruxes and saving the world and shit :’)

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barefoot | 2013 | 60 x 80 cm | by Karien Deroo | oil on canvas

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One Spirit is committed to supplying healthy food  to Lakota families to help fight the rampant diet-related diseases on the reservation. For the past two years we have maintained the cost of the food and supply boxes although prices continued to rise.  END HUNGER NOW

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The Queen of Richard II.
Percy Anderson, from Costume: fanciful, historical, and theatrical, by Eliza Aria, London, 1906.
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Ilya Repin - Temptation of Jesus Christ, 1903.

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white boys should be seen not heard

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New titles added to my comic rec list!

  • A Voice In The Dark
  • Genius
  • Legendary Star Lord
  • ODYC
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Thor
  • Toe Tag Riot
  • Tomb Raider
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a soldier of god.
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Marion Collier (née Huxley) by John Collier, 1883 (detail)

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Finally did the handwriting meme and since pretty much all of my friends have already been tagged, I’m tagging awesome comic creators! kierongillen, zdarsky, mattfractionblog, & kellysue

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VanCon 2014 [x]

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