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We’re going to the bank today to figure out what the hell happened to our rent. Basically, there was a point where they sent us a letter telling us to start paying a different way, so we did, and then they told us that we didn’t have to pay that way. I’m thinking that they may have refunded us twice somehow? But there’s no real way of knowing until we figure it out tomorrow with Mark’s bank. I’m really scared that whatever we find out means that we have to pay $950 within 14 days. Since I don’t know if this is really going to happen and since I’m the only one bringing in a minimum wage paycheck right now (I’m trying to get a second job, looking into getting a third), I’m asking for help. 

So I’m taking commissions! Really, the only talent I have lies in stories, so if you want me to write you a story just donate. Whatever amount you want, even the smallest amount will help. Really, I’ll write whatever the hell you want me to at this point, but the things I’m best at writing are on my prompt post. You can leave a comment there or send me an ask with your prompt there, but please make sure that you give me the email address or name you sent the commission under so I can verify it went through properly. 

I’m really sorry to have to ask for this kind of thing. You have no idea how much I hate owing people money, I can’t stand it, so please let me write something for you. Even if you don’t ask for something, I’ll still write for you because I can’t not do work for money and this is basically my only talent. 

I’m so sorry to have to ask for you help, but whatever you can do I would appreciate. Thanks! And please spread the word, if you can. 

So we went to the bank and it turns out that we do owe back rent. We can pay it and still keep a roof over our heads, but I’m already in the negative for money and we won’t have November’s rent ready for this month. It’s been a huge stressful fuck-up of massive proportions, but basically we’re in a bad way right now. 

If you can help, I would be eternally grateful to you. I’ll write you whatever fic you want, whatever pairing, whatever story/kinks you want. Just send me an ask and I’ll do it. I’m not 100% sure that the paypal stuff is working properly so if it doesn’t work for you just send it to jillianmorgan05 at gmail dot com and it should get to me that way. 

Also, MK (the most flawless person you will ever meet) is doing art commissions for me. If you donate to me, and send her an email (suchamantis at gmail dot com) letting her know that you donated and under what email/name and she’ll draw it for you! Be sure to ask her what she’s comfortable drawing though! :) 

I’ll try to keep you updated with how this is going, but sincerely, it’s not going fucking well. Any and all help that you can give would be gratefully appreciated from the bottom of my heart. 

Here’s a picture of our notice for those sceptics: 

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