Okay, so here’s the full story.

Back in August, there was a mix up with the rent and the payment basically bounced back to us. The landlord never let us know that the rent payment didn’t go through, and Mark and I never noticed that there was an extra 950$ in his bank account (stupid, I know, but we all make mistakes). Now fast-forward to Wednesday when we got a letter telling us that if we didn’t pay 950$ by the 14th, we would be evicted. We went to the bank to find out what happened, and saw the bounce from back in August. Today, I went and talked to the landlord and worked out a deal. I’ll pay her the 950$ by the 7th (the day I get paid) and we’ll call it square. Except this now puts us in a bad position because now I don’t have the rent for November. I signed a letter saying that I would get it all to her by the end of November. 

I’m starting a second job in a couple of weeks and Mark is starting a new one (hopefully). We’ve both been having a hard time of it lately, and this really just adds to all our problems. Mark hasn’t been able to hold down a steady job for two years. I was in school and now I’m working 40 hours a week at minimum wage and barely making enough to support us both. We’re in a bad way right now. 

So I’m asking for help! We need to get to $950 by the end of the month, preferably before that since I know PayPal can take a long time to go through. I’ve had some friend who are willing to step in and help us, but I don’t know for sure how much money is coming in. So I need you. In my sidebar there’s a donate button. I have no idea how this whole thing works so if you have any problems with it, please let me know. But I would appreciate it if you would please click and donate what you can. 

In return, I’ll write you fic

My good friend, MK (suchamantis/suchacat) is also offering to do art commissions (bless her beautiful heart). You may know her work already, but she’s a great artist and a great person. If you’d like to request a commission from her, just send her an email (suchamantis at gmail dot com) and make sure you provide the information needed to prove that you did donate. 

Like I said, to donate just head over to my blog and click the yellow “Donate” button in my sidebar or you can use the Send Money feature on PayPal and send it over to my email address above. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! I totally understand if you have doubts (check out this post for photo evidence of our notice), but any and all help you can give would be much appreciated. I hate having to ask, but I’m in my time of need. 

Thanks for everything. 

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